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The ÜberResearch Founder Story

22nd August 2014
By Katy Alexander

It’s been a busy year for ÜberResearch. After a 12 month product development period, including 23 development partners, the team are weeks away from the official launch of their first commercial product! On top of that, they have also been running a popular social media competition for PhD students (#uberresearchprize) which ends early next week.

So what better way to celebrate, than to hear what some of the founders of ÜberResearch (Christian Herzog, Ashlea Higgs, Mario Diwersy and Stephen Leicht) have to say about how they got started and why they sought investment from Digital Science.

So far we have released a collection of Founder videos from each of our portfolio companies, and there are more to come so stay tuned! You can already watch Symplectic’s, Altmetric’s and Figshare’s.

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