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Intro to Docker and How We Use It at Overleaf

19th March 2015
By Guest Author


John Lees-Miller is a computer scientist, mathematician and co-founder of Overleaf. He makes things that work.

Here is a presentation I put together for the Digital Science Tech Forum — all of the portfolio companies get together once a month to talk tech. I kicked off the series with a talk about Docker, which is a new and exciting way of packaging and deploying applications. It promises faster development times and lower server bills. This talk gives an intro to docker the technology and then goes over how we use it at Overleaf. Enjoy!

You can also open the slides in their own window. These slides are open source and CC-BY licensed, so you can remix them for your own use.

If you want to share your thoughts on this presentation you can check out this Hacker News thread for discussion points.


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