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Labguru Enhances Their Chemistry Features

22nd July 2015
By Katy Alexander

Labguru have announced another wave of chemistry feature enhancements!

Currently a leading web-based electronic lab notebook (ELN) with integrated protocols and specimen management systems, Labguru announces a collection of new upgrades to their offering.

Scientific researchers in industry and academia can take advantage of these improvements immediately, which includes upgrades to their rodent specimen and vivarium management module for its e-Notebook and lab inventory management system.

With Labguru’s e-Notebook researchers interested in chemistry can:

  • Import structures and reactions from all popular chemical structure drawing packages, including ChemDraw and Accelrys Draw.
  • Draw structures and reactions directly in the browser, with no software installation (true “zero footprint”)
  • Use auto-generated stoichiometry tables to calculate equivalents, mass, and percent yield, based on reactions in their notebook.
  • Search their experiments and projects for chemical structures using structure, substructure and reaction transformation search.

Adding deep support for chemistry continues to be a priority for Labguru and these chemistry features demonstrate their commitment to making its leading ELN and laboratory information management system (LIMS) the leader in chemistry research.

Labguru also has a partnership with ChemAxon, which has allowed the Labguru team to rapidly integrate key features for chemists such as complete reaction support, including reaction planning and optimization, along with reaction transformation search. The new chemical search function will also help users properly annotate and find experiments in seconds. Biodata continues to look forward to further developments to enhance Labguru for chemists and biochemists.

Labguru has also released a major upgrade to its rodent colony collection making tracking rodents and treatment groups easier. This latest group of features completes the entire lifecycle of a rodent making it useful to researchers working on individual specimens to directors or heads of vivariums working with large rodent colonies.

With Labguru’s rodent and mouse management system you can track an entire rodent research journey:

  • Strains, Specimens, and Cages – Manage your colony on all 3 levels
  • Integrate With Your Research – Link rodents to related projects, storage locations, materials, experiments and results
  • Reduce Costs – Minimize strain loss and excess breeding
  • Advanced Search – Using multiple criteria like age, gender, strain, experiment, cage, and color
  • Schedule and Plan – Plan experiments and receive reminders for maintenance task
  • With the latest release users can plan and track treatments:
  • Track the source and treatment history of each specimen
  • Identify and replace aging and non-productive breeders
  • Schedule maintenance and experiment tasks, receive reminders
  • Web-based: Monitor your colony anytime, from anywhere
Rodent Treatment View
Rodent Treatment View

Labguru is currently used by thousands of researchers in hundreds of labs worldwide and if you want to find out more, do visit their website.

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