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Dimensions Funding Database from ÜberResearch Reaches One Trillion Dollars and Counting

22nd July 2016
 | Katy Alexander

Data science company ÜberResearch, recently announced that Dimensions, its global grants database for science funders now tracks research grants totalling 1 trillion US dollars. The global database consists of funds representing over 250 funding organisations, and 2.37 million funded projects.

The Dimensions database allows users to look into the future: More than $300 billion are attributed to research funds of current, active projects – allowing a clear view on the research which will be undertaken in the forthcoming years. This information is vital to funders and government organisations who can then analyse the direction of scientific and academic research, and influence the resource distribution in the research system in real time. Grants found in the database are available for users to import and assign to their ORCID record in bulk using the ÜberWizard for ORCID.

In addition to tracking the grants, ÜberResearch also streamlines the grants data into comparable formats by cleaning up all of the recipient information, disambiguating author profiles between grants and resulting publications, standardising calendars, currencies, and many other improvements to make the data interoperable for export and analysis. It also categorises the grants data using multiple global standards like the NIH’s RCDC categorisation system and Australia and New Zealand’s Fields of Research Coding.

Image of Dimensions

Christian Herzog, CEO of ÜberResearch said: “A milestone of one trillion USD has been reached today – a number that will continue to rise in the months and years to come. We will continue to provide scientific research organisations with the most comprehensive comparative funding information available anywhere in the world, to provide a clear picture of the global R&D landscape for any possible area of research, to give real competitive advantage.”

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