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Mike Taylor Takes Over The @RealScientists Twitter Account

13th July 2017
By Katy Alexander


Next Wednesday and Thursday, running throughout the day, our Head of Metrics Development Mike Taylor (@Herrison online)is going to be taking centre stage as the curator of the well-known Twitter account @RealScientists.

Real Scientists is a rotational Twitter account featuring a plethora of people from a number of professions within the science and research sphere. Their goal is to promote a fascination and curiosity with the world. The creators of this Twitter profile believe that we all started our lives as insatiably curious children hungry to learn more about our surroundings – in essence, we were all once ‘Real Scientists’.

Mike has spent a number of years working across metrics and analytics teams within major publishers and is well known within the scholarly metrics community. He’s a passionate thespian and is notorious amongst the Oxford theatrical scene as an actor, producer and director. He enjoys studying Iron Age and Romano British earthworks, boundary ditches and hill forts and is also finishing his PhD in alternative metrics at the University of Wolverhampton.

For a taster of what’s to come, and If you’re interested in the field of metrics , take a read of Mike’s in-depth blog post he wrote on the subject last year.





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