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ReadCube Teams Up with Leading Scholarly Publishing Platform, Sheridan PubFactory

26th July 2017
By Katy Alexander

ReadCube will bring new sharing & discoverability features to PubFactory

Our portfolio company ReadCube today announced a collaboration with scholarly publishing platform Sheridan PubFactory. Host to scholarly content since 1999 and provider of the only truly content agnostic platform, Sheridan PubFactory will support the use of ReadCube Sharing services for publications hosted across the platform.

ReadCube Sharing will provide Sheridan PubFactory publishers, and subsequently their authors and subscribers, a simple channel for promoting and amplifying published work in a secure read-only format to non-subscribers. Participating publishers can design their own unique rights-managed content sharing policies that best align with their organization’s goals. Past partners have documented countless benefits from participating in this program, including seamless ways for their authors to amplify their work, improved reader engagement, increased readership, and new ways to drive marketing and PR campaigns.

Participating publishers will also benefit from enhanced discoverability and article viewing enhancements through ReadCube’s popular web, desktop, and mobile reference management tools. Features include annotation tools, hyperlinked in-line citations, instant access to valuable supplemental materials, clickable author names, a high-resolution figure browser, and article metrics.

José Fossi, Sheridan VP of Client Services affirms,

“In partnering with ReadCube, we are continuing to grow our user engagement services for publishers, bringing them closer to their researcher base. This is an exciting time to add ReadCube as a partner, as we launch hundreds of new journals and thousands of new books on Sheridan PubFactory this fall.”

Robert McGrath, CEO of ReadCube said,

“We are thrilled to be working with Sheridan PubFactory to support new channels for their publishers to connect with readers and authors. Together, we will continue to improve and simplify the way researchers discover, engage, and collaborate with scholarly literature.”


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