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Happy Holidays: The Science of Christmas!

12th December 2018
By Suze Kundu

This Christmas we are delving into the science behind the festive season!

In the lead up to Christmas, some of our resident experts will be donning their elf hats and sharing some of the science behind the most wonderful time of the year, from why science could support your decision to avoid Brussels sprouts, to exactly how much it would cost to lavish a bunch of strange gifts on your true love.

We’ll be releasing five videos explaining the science of Christmas. Catch up with them here or follow them online via #DigiSciXmas

1. The Genetics of Christmas – Ever wondered why there are such strong opinions about our love or hatred of Brussels sprouts?…

2. The Chemistry of Christmas – We take a look at the chemical reaction that makes Christmas taste so good…

3. The Physics of Christmas – We ask the question “How many presents will Santa have to deliver every second on Christmas Eve?

4. The Economics of Christmas – We delve into PNC’s annual Christmas Price Index which tracks the prices of the twelve gifts from the classic carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

5. The Story of Santa’s Reindeer – In our final #DigiSciXmas Christmas explainer video, we tell the┬ástory about how reindeer came to be associated with Christmas!

Happy holidays!
From all of us at Digital Science

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