It’s with pleasure that today we unveil a new module of our global grants database, Dimensions.

The Dimensions database, containing information on millions of completed and ongoing research projects with over $1 trillion USD in global research funding, will be made available directly to researchers for the very first time. Users will be able to see how their work fits into the bigger picture of funded research within a specific discipline.


Dimensions is already being used by university administrators and research offices across the globe to inform research development decisions. This new version of the platform, available via site license access, enables researchers themselves to understand new trends as they emerge and to see the research activity in their field unfold in real-time. Users can:

  • Monitor future research trends – a huge advantage over publication databases which only reflect the achievements from the past
  • Identify potential new collaborators
  • Compare the most up-to-date activity across institutions, subjects and funders around the world
  • See built in visualisations and advanced search tools that offer new and instant insights from the data

Christian Herzog, CEO of Digital Science’s portfolio company ÜberResearch, responsible for building the new module said:

“We are constantly listening to the needs of the global academic community and the Dimensions database has developed and grown based on our market knowledge. Researchers want to see and understand research trends, and an effective way of doing that is to look at awarded grants. This new information has huge benefits for researchers, from finding new collaborators to convincing reviewers to fund projects.”

For more information, you can see the official press release here.