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Augmented Intelligence in Drug Discovery Xchange Europe 2023

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23rd November 2023
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Augmented Intelligence (AI) in Drug Discovery Xchange Europe 2023 brings together executives from pharma and biotech to address and find solutions to the key issues faced in AI-led drug discovery.
Discussion topics will cover Data Quality, Target Identification, Lead Generation & Optimization and Drug Response Prediction.

Digital Science is delighted to announce that Dr Peter Dörr, SVP Dimensions Industrial Solution, will be giving the Keynote Presentation at this conference.

Time: 8:30 – 9:00am

Taming the beast: A one year vision on Generative AI in knowledge discovery on scientific literature and more
The keynote will emphasize the rapid evolution of Generative AI, commencing with GPT-2 in 2019 and progressing swiftly through GPT-3 to the recent introduction of ChatGPT and GPT-4. This transformation significantly impacted data science and innovation departments worldwide, particularly those in research-driven sectors like life sciences and pharmaceuticals. Our talk will give Digital Science’s perspective on this dynamic technological landscape, projecting past experiences into the future to formulate a vision for the coming year. We will highlight the rise of open-source community efforts in developing efficient transformer models, enabling comprehensive analysis of scientific literature.
Additionally, underscoring the integration of symbolic AI and structured data, emphasizing the challenge of effectively harnessing AI’s potential while ensuring trust, reliability, cost-efficiency, and sustainability in the field of data science and innovation.

Peter Doerr, Digital Science

Dr Peter Dörr
SVP Dimensions Industrial Solution

Peter Dörr PhD is a business strategist with hands-on experience in sales, product marketing and product development. His experience expands over several industries including IT, consumer electronics to Knowledge and AI solutions for the pharma and other research intensive industries.
Peter is a regular speaker at events such as biotechX, Bio IT World, Reuters Pharma Europe. Digital innovation is his topic, and today that means above all how we can make existing knowledge more usable with the help of artificial intelligence. In his role at Digital Science he is an interface between customers, product development and professional services.

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