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ER&L Conference 2024

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3rd March 2024 to 6th March 2024
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Austin, TX

United States

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For 19 years, ER&L has convened a conference and online learning opportunities to support the improvement of the way we collect, manage, maintain, and make accessible electronic resources. As technology and our approach to it changes, iterates and improves, we know our important work is never done. At ER&L, they bring together the many library and industry roles together in a thoughtful, collaborative and education-packed conference.

Camp ER&L’s next adventure is in space. You’ll notice elements of space explorations, space, astronauts, space stations, comets, moon rovers, and mission control elements in our theme this year. Join us in leaning into our theme since our attendees love a fun, immersive theme.

Digital Science is proud to be talking part of this year’s conference. If you’re attending, please stop by our booth to learn more about our products. We will also be hosting a live sponsored session on Monday, March 4th at 2:30pm – 3:15pm. See details below:

Title: Show & Tell: How university libraries use Altmetric and Dimensions for data-driven approaches to collection development, research trends identification and faculty impact analysis
Description: Embark on a practical exploration of how university libraries employ Altmetric and Dimensions through three insightful case studies. First, we’ll delve into how these tools inform collection development decisions, offering a nuanced, data-driven approach to journal subscriptions. Next, we’ll navigate faculty impact analysis, demonstrating quantifiable measurement of the influence of academic contributions both in and outside of academia. Finally, we’ll identify institution research trends and potential opportunities.  Join us for a grounded discussion on the tangible ways data-driven strategies enhance library practices, providing librarians with valuable insights for informed decision-making in their daily roles.
Speaker: Emily Koechel, Technical PSM

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