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Figshare: the open research repository platform

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27th January 2023 | 4:00pm GMT
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The Figshare platform provides repository infrastructure to enable the open, accessible and FAIR sharing of all research outputs. The platform offers free accounts for researchers and an enterprise repository solution for institutions.

With discoverable pages that require no login to access and an open API to enable full access to metadata and programmatic interaction, Figshare provides open infrastructure for the entire research community.

This webinar will describe Figshare’s open features and will also cover future aspects of Figshare that are planned as open source. Topics include community driven development, planned open source features, and free accounts for researchers around the world to further collaboration.

Join us for this session to discover more about Figshare as an open repository platform. Even if you cannot make the live session, you can still register and we’ll share the recording.

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