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The Nordic Workshop on Bibliometrics and Research Policy 2021

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3rd November 2021 to 5th November 2021
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The Nordic Workshop on Bibliometrics and Research Policy is focused on linking bibliometric research with research policy, presenting the newest bibliometric research in the Nordic countries, and creating better links between the bibliometric research groups and their PhD students. 

Dimensions (part of Digital Science) are excited to be supporting this year’s workshop and to be presenting a session in the preliminary pre-workshop.

Wednesday 3rd November 13:20-14:20

Title: Data, Connections & Impact – Using Dimensions for end-to-end powerful AI research discovery and analysis

Abstract: A university’s research is not just its academic papers. Patents, clinical trials, datasets and grant data show the full output of a university, including previously unknown or underappreciated research activity and impact. Using data from research activities in the Nordic region, Lea and Ben will show the true research lifecycle which goes completely unreported if one only focuses on research articles and traditional bibliometrics. Our aim is to show Nordic institutions how they can use Dimensions, the world’s largest linked research information dataset, to perform large scale analysis in a single data infrastructure collecting and aligning the best data available.

During the presentation, we will demonstrate the broad academic, societal and economic impact of Nordic research, build comprehensive university profiles, measure progress towards SDGs related outputs, support Open Access and transformative agreements, identify successful national/international partners and explore emerging topics in research and grants

Meet our speakers

Ben McLeish

Ben McLeish
Director of Advocacy and Outreach

Ben has been the Director of Advocacy and Outreach at Digital Science since 2018, prior to that he was European Sales Lead at Altmetric, also a Digital Science company, for four years. Ben has worked in academic publishing and information services since 2004. Previously at John Wiley & Sons and The American Chemical Society, he represented the introduction of the Summon Library Discovery service in Northern Europe while at ProQuest. Ben has also worked in TV and radio Media Monitoring in Australia as well as CleanTech and Digital Media sector analysis

Lea Lipitakis
Product Solutions Manager

Lea is a Product Solutions Manager for Dimensions. Lea holds a Ph.D. in Bibliometrics, a Master’s degree in Management Science and specializes in the area of academic research performance evaluation and quantitative methodologies for measuring research performance. Lea has more than 10 years of experience in the research information industry and academia. Before joining Digital Science, she had been conducting research in the area of Scientometrics and lecturing at the University of Kent, England.

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