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27th Nordic Workshop on Bibliometrics

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21st September 2022 to 23rd September 2022
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The Nordic Workshop on Bibliometrics and Research Policy has been organized annually since its beginning in 1996, alternating between locations in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. The purpose of the workshop is to link bibliometric research with research policy, to present the newest bibliometric research in the Nordic countries and beyond, and to create better links between the bibliometric research groups and their PhD students, which is now, in the aftermath of the global pandemic, perhaps more important than ever before. The pandemic has made it impossible for PhD students to meet other researchers and create networks that are so important for their future careers. Therefore, this year’s workshop will have a special focus on creating networking opportunities for PhD students.

Digital Science are looking forward to sponsoring NWB2022, and will be presenting the following talk:

Title: International Collaboration and Protecting Research from Foreign Interference


In January 2022 the European Commission released a Staff Working Paper on methods for protecting Research & Innovation from Foreign Interference. Almost exactly a decade earlier, the European Commission also penned a similar document stating the value of international collaboration and cooperation in order for the EU to maintain its position in the R&I global order, and to meet sustainability and technological advancement goals. Other funders like the Wellcome Trust and UKRI have also featured mandates around compliance with international sanctions and responsible use of research within industry for many years.

Both the fostering and development of international cooperation in research and the strategic protection of research and researchers have become increasingly important in parallel. In this session, Ben McLeish will explore, using real data, how institutions can both foster collaborations and analyse existing partnerships across funding, publications or patents, allowing the field of bibliometrics to inform important policy decisions around research activity.

Ben McLeish

Ben McLeish
European Product Sales Team Lead

Ben is the European Product Sales Team Lead for Altmetric and Dimensions and has been at Digital Science since 2014. He has previously worked at Wiley, ProQuest and the American Chemical Society, as well as in media monitoring services.

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