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Postdoc to Industry transition as a Temporary Visa Holder

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21st September 2023
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Navigating your career is extra challenging when you have to factor in your immigration status. To make it slightly easier, we have organized a panel where you will have the opportunity to learn from those with experience and success who are open to sharing their specific insights with navigating the transition from Postdoc to Industry in this Panel Discussion, which will also include time for a brief Q&A.


Karthik Murugan From F1 OPT to O1-visa
Research Scientist III at Integrated DNA Technologies

Karthik Murugan, PhD grew up in Bangalore, India where he earned his B.E. in biotechnology from BMS College of Engineering. After his undergrad, he pursued his Ph.D. in molecular biology at Iowa State University and was awarded an NSF INTERN award that allowed him to intern at Integrated DNA Technologies Inc. After a successful internship, he joined full-time as a research scientist in the CRISPR R&D team where he supports the development of new CRISPR products and leads the functional testing of CRISPR products in iPSCs.

Aneta Przepiorski
Scientist at Iviva

Aneta Przepiorski has a strong passion for stem cell research, tissue engineering and how to harness the technology to understand and combat different disease states. She completed her PhD in Molecular Medicine at Auckland University. Her project focused on developing assays to differentiate induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) into kidney tissue in order to study kidney disease pathways. Her main achievement was developing a simple and cost-effective assay that generated kidney organoids (miniature kidney in a dish).

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