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Our support for Ukraine

By Daniel Hook March 25, 2022

Friday 25 March 2022

Statement from Digital Science CEO Daniel Hook

Ukraine flag

One month ago, our world changed with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Digital Science strongly condemns the actions of the Russian government. These actions not only put the lives, the way of life and the safety of everyday Ukrainians at risk through unwarranted force, but also undermines the international order that has fostered the development of the global research ecosystem over the past 30 years. An ecosystem whose principal objective is the improvement of life for the whole of humanity.

Our thoughts are with everyone who is affected – either directly or indirectly – by these terrible events. We were heartened to see that the Russian scientific and research community quickly came together to stand with international colleagues and condemn the war in Ukraine at significant personal risk.

We will continue to support international collaboration and those who engage authentically in creating a trustful, open research ecosystem wherever we can.

Daniel Hook
CEO, Digital Science

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