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ÜberResearch Launches Funding Wizard for ORCID

By Alex Jackson March 3, 2014

ÜberWizard includes more than 1.2 million grants and $600 billion of funding for easy access to track funding and research history

WASHINGTON, DC [March 3rd, 2014]

ÜberResearch, a leading provider of software solutions for research funders, announced today the launch of their free funding wizard for ORCID, under the name ÜberWizard. The wizard allows ORCID users to import and associate their funding data with their ORCID record, through a simple search–click–submit process. The ÜberWizard includes more than 1.2 million grants from 60 of the top US and European funding bodies representing more than $600bn of historical research funding. The launch of ÜberWizard comes the same week as ORCID expands their interface to include funding information.

“We want to make adding funding information into ORCID as easy as possible,” said Christian Herzog, CEO of ÜberResearch. “ORCID users will now have an easy-to-use interface that integrates and standardizes data from more than 60 of the largest US and European funders, and we are adding new funders each month.” Beyond the current system, ÜberResearch is offering to help other grant funders include their data in the ÜberWizard. “We believe this will be easier for funders, easier for users, and beneficial for both. Researchers can add all their grants in one step – saving time, making adoption easier and more likely,” Herzog added.

“ORCID’s mission is to facilitate and automate connections between researchers and their professional contributions. From works, to other identifiers, affiliations, and now funding data, we continue to work with the community to realize that vision,” says Laurel Haak, PhD, Executive Director of ORCID. “We are excited to be collaborating with the team at ÜberResearch to provide researchers with tools to link their ORCID record with their funding data reliably and with minimal effort.”

The ÜberWizard is available now in the ORCID Registry and can be accessed by any user at


ORCID ( is an open, non-profit independent organisation that provides a registry of unique and persistent researcher identifiers. ORCID is unique in its ability to link researchers and scholars with their works across disciplines, research sectors, and nations and its cooperation with other identifier systems.  ORCID works with the community to ensure that identifiers are embedded in research workflows and systems, so that the identifier becomes a part of a document, dataset, grant, or other research activity.  In addition, ORCID provides tools for researchers and scholars to link their identifier to their existing works. The organization announced the expansion of its interface to include funding information this month. For more information subscribe to our blog at, follow @ORCID_Org on twitter, or contact the Executive Director at

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