Before joining the Digital Science Consultancy team, Hélène worked both in Academia and the private sector as a computational social scientist. Her work included the development of Havfriluftsliv, a web-mapping participative platform to facilitate the participation of the public in Marine Spatial Planning in Denmark, and a web-mapping platform to facilitate discovery of places described in Trap, the Danish landscape encyclopedia.
Hélène obtained her PhD in social geography from the Cities Institute (London Metropolitan University). Her work was funded by SECOA, a EU 7th Framework project on the adaptation of coastal cities to sea-level rise, and her research focused on the inclusive participation of the general population in decisions about the future of open spaces in Portsmouth.
Hélène has worked on many consultancy projects. For the CWASU research institute, she worked on a project for the UK charity SOLACE, to map the evolution of abused women’s social network over a two-year period. For S+G, a landscape architect company, she built a survey that incorporated a 2-week period of smartphone location/transportation tracking of students and staff on the campus of DTU, Denmark.