Tel Aviv — September 16, 2013

BioData Ltd., a scientific software as a service company funded by Digital Science, a division of Macmillan Science & Education, today extended its award-winning web and iPad-based research and lab management system, Labguru, to iPhone® and Android™ smartphones with the launch of the free Labguru Mobile app.

“Some of our best ideas come when we are not near our desks or computer. Labguru Mobile puts your lab in your pocket, so whenever or wherever an idea hits or a question arises, your data, plans, and labmates are right at hand. The mobile app, together with the Labguru web service, lets researchers plan, record, access, and share information the entire day, whether around the bench, at the desk, or on the road,” says Jonathan Gross, Founder and CTO of BioData.

The Labguru Mobile app lets researchers photograph, annotate, catalog, and share experimental results, whiteboard drawings, conference posters, or visual notes for performing a step of an experiment. The app can also find samples, reagents, and supplies’ locations and expiration dates while researchers move about the lab.

The smartphone app integrates with the Labguru web service, used by more than 35,000 academic researchers to plan experiments, track progress on projects and milestones, share results, and organize related documents, protocols, data, inventory items, and purchase orders.

“Biologists and scientists from many disciplines use Labguru because it handles everything but the science, taking away all the distractions of working in or running a research lab. With its web-based service, iPad app, and now smartphone apps, Labguru is adding new ways in which research scientists perform experiments, collaborate, mentor, prepare long-term plans, and organize the myriad of things in the lab,” says Gross.

Later this year, Labguru’s web service will add UpFolder, a feature that automatically syncs data files from instruments to the cloud and the appropriate experimental records housed inside Labguru. Additionally, Labguru Mobile will be updated with the ability to request supply orders and be notified when the supply arrives. The app will soon be upgraded to include the existing Labguru iPad app’s features for running and timing multiple experiments at the bench as well as recording experimental results.

Download the free Labguru Mobile App at

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