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The heart of research integrity

Boosting trust in research

Research integrity issues are one the central themes posing a challenge for scholarly communications in the coming years. 

Through Dimensions Research Integrity, we provide a quick and accurate way to assess the trustworthiness of research to improve reproducibility and integrity.

Using a combination of Natural Language Processing and machine learning, we extract key information from the full text of papers to provide customized reports and dashboards that enable verifiability, falsifiability and reproducibility of research.

Safeguarding research integrity

The scientific community produces a staggering body of work each year. Yet 50-85% of published research is unreproducible.

The effects of questionable scientific veracity and the spreading of mis- or disinformation erode trust in research.

Trust markers offer a quick and accurate way to assess the trustworthiness of research.

Who we support

Reviewing over 33 million research publications, we provide unparalleled data-driven insights into the quality of scientific communication.


Scale integrity checks on authors and data compliance to preserve reputation and reduce retractions. Compare practices against policies and similar publishers.

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Government & Funders

Understand how policy translates to practice. Measure fiscal efficacy. Monitor the implementation and uptake of good science indicators

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Improve research reporting quality, increase funding opportunities and protect reputation. Identify local practices needing attention and intervene before publication.

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