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  • Make your articles come to life by hosting large amounts of data in your online articles with no impact on your infrastructure.

  • Make your content more discoverable and enable editorial, marketing and sales teams to quickly gather valuable insights and find the people you need.

  • Get instant article innovation with a solution to increase engagement, drive sales & expand visibility.

  • Show authors and readers what others are saying about published articles or datasets, and analyze the attention your content is receiving.

  • Simplify and accelerate the submission process by providing authors with publisher-specific LaTeX templates and submission links.

  • Enable your authors to polish their writing, thereby improving the language quality of submissions to reviewers, and the chances of acceptance.

  • Get industry insights into what skills are trending so you can develop relevant career development content for your readers.

  • Improve the reproducibility of the articles you publish with an automated tool that helps evidence-based science

  • Automation and simplification reduce the labour and skill required to review and publish reproducible research.


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