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Ensure your data is safe, secure, organized and persistent


Keep all of your research outputs in one secure place in the cloud so you can access it anywhere in the world

Staying organised in the lab and beyond can be a major challenge. With our tools you can now make sure all of your research is kept safe in one place and most importantly is organised so that you can find things easily. Have peace of mind that your data is backed up securely – so that you can reach to it at any time, anywhere in the world.

Our tools help you take control in a variety of ways.


With Figshare you can safely and securely store your research in the cloud so that it is accessible anywhere in the world. It’s backed up by Amazon S3 so you’ll always have that peace of mind. You can either keep that research private, or you can open it up to the public.




Carrying out experiments in the lab means that you are constantly generating vast amounts of data in various formats. Labguru puts all of this together, alongside publications, protocols and materials – so even when you are on holiday, if you wish, others can have access to your work.




Overleaf Pro makes it simple to create “protected projects” for added security. You can manage permissions to documents you are working on easily by adding and removing others at any time you like. This gives you greater control and security when sharing your work with collaborators and reviewers.


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