About us

Digital Science in a nutshell

At Digital Science, we are actively working with entrepreneurs and developing software internally to make scientific research more efficient.

We are a technology company serving the needs of scientific research...

We provide software and technology to serve a community we understand – scientific researchers. Many in our team started their careers as scientists so we know the daily challenges they face. Whether at the bench or in a research setting, our products help to simplify workflows and change the way science is done.

Our products


We incubate and invest in interesting projects.

We invest in promising start-ups and small businesses that serve the needs of scientists, many with a start in academic research settings.

Start-up investment 
Hack days

We develop tools internally.

Our technology team develops products internally to stand alongside those of our portfolio companies. We have a strong reputation for encouraging innovation from within our team, and promoting their scientifically led side projects.

Our developer hub 

We’re also about changing the way science works.

Creating a better ecosystem for innovation involves better:

  • Training

  • Infrastructure

  • Policy

  • Awareness

We're engaged with various communities and stakeholders globally to help ensure we're not only creating new tools, but truly working to help change the way science works from the grass roots up.

Timo Hannay 70px

“Digital Science is a technology company with a focus on the sciences. We provide software and tools rather than content, and support the best external initiatives rather than trying to invent everything ourselves. We believe passionately that tomorrow's research will be different — and better — than today's.”

Timo Hannay, Managing Director, Digital Science