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Insights, analytics and tools to maximise research impact & discovery

We started in 2010 by looking for ways to solve challenges we were facing as researchers ourselves. Today, our innovative technologies empower organizations with insights, analytics and tools that advance the research lifecycle.

Through our different product solutions, we help publishers to analyze data more effectively, track research outcomes, streamline workflows, enhance author services, and make collaboration more seamless.

How can we support you?

Perform landscape analysis and discover trends

  • Dimensions enables you to sharpen your strategic decision-making. Horizon scan and perform topical landscape analysis with ease. Gain critical insights into key players, successful collaborations, adjacent fields, funding trends and outcomes for any research area.

Enhance author services

  • Writefull helps your authors speed up the writing and language editing process, and improve the average time to acceptance by 20 days.
  • Figshare provides authors with a proficient repository infrastructure and a seamless process for making data and other supplementary materials openly available.
  • Altmetric enables authors to see how their research is being shared and discussed online.
  • Overleaf provides your authors with a simple 1-click submission, directly into your submission system.

Illustrate research impact, discoverability, and engagement

  • Altmetric allows you to see changes in reach, citations and online attention across your publications, and show your stakeholders the success of your editorial leadership, communications strategy, and advocacy work.
  • Figshare collates all of your additional publications content in a custom-branded portal, providing invaluable usage metrics and driving discoverability.

Streamline your workflows

  • Writefull provides AI-powered solutions that streamline every stage of the publishing process, including triaging, copyediting, quality control and quality assurance.
  • Overleaf allows organizations to outsource the management and overhead of LaTeX technology upkeep in their publication workflow.

Identify authors, editors and reviewers

  • Dimensions helps you to pinpoint high-impact researchers who currently have funding as potential authors. You can find peer review candidates based on deep concept analysis, and diversify an editorial board by finding qualified editors in under-represented geographies.
  • Altmetric allows you to identify potential authors, editors and reviewers, by seeing who is already engaged with your publications and/or has a large online following.

Inform and validate open access agreements

  • Dimensions can help to validate Open Access publishing strategies, and evaluate and negotiate transformative agreements. Quantify the number of researchers at institutions in a geography, as well as in publications and/or competitive titles. Identify funded research projects in a subject area for that same geography to look for future volume of possible articles or authors.

What do our customers say?


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“Using Dimensions, our teams can better understand where SPIE falls into the greater ecosystem of scientific publishing.”

SPIE Publishing


Altmetric graphic

“We are committed to providing a wide range of impact metrics about our publications beyond
citations and the Impact Factor. We believe Altmetric plays an important role in this.”

Cambridge University Press


Figshare graphic

“Using Figshare enables us to make supplementary material, which is fundamental to the research process, discoverable to
all, in as usable a fashion as possible”

Taylor & Francis


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“Writefull has been transformative. When we tailored Writefull’s Manuscript categorization API to our requirements and benchmarked it against our own quality analysts, it reached over 95%
alignment in categorising texts.”

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