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Congratulations to ÜberResearch who win Research Visualization Contest

6th May 2014
By Katy Alexander

ÜberResearch have been selected as one of the two winners of the Research Visualisation contest from the British Library, AHRC and BBSRC

Visual Funding Portfolios E1398956039392The competition required participants to best show how the £3 billion of funding is apportioned across the UK.  ÜberResearch worked together with Moritz Stefaner, a well known information visualiser on these tasks. They created a data map showing the overall distribution of funds across topics, using bubble, placement and colour effects to give more information on the distribution. You can read the official press release from the British Library here

The result of ÜberResearch’s efforts to build an information decision support tool for science funders has provided their contribution. This includes several visualisations that allow funders to make the most informed decisions on funding strategy. The ÜberResearch team elaborates:

The portfolio visualizations are static views of RCUK award portfolios of UK research institutions which provide a visual impression of similarity. The visualization, which is part of the ÜberResearch portfolio analysis solution, displays activity ‘bubbles’ of specific scientific topic areas, based on classification categories from established taxonomies, with the ability to filter on a number of facets, like funding years, grants data or publication data, etc..

If you want to find out exactly how the team did this, you can read their summary here. In the meantime, we hope you’ll join us in congratulating those involved. 

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