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Remote Monitoring Increases Xmas Toy Production #digiscixmas

7th December 2016
By Katy Alexander

As part of the holiday season fun, we’re telling the ‘tales of #digiscixmas past’ by uncovering a new tale each day throughout December. So up next, we’ve discovered that…

“Scientists have a 35% greater output when using TetraScience – just think what extra toys Santa’s workshop could produce with such an increase in productivity!”


More tales you never knew about TetraScience… the founders Alok, Sal and Spin met in Cambridge (USA) while doing research at Harvard and MIT. As a team they are very proud of their diversity – collectively they speak ten languages, and that’s not including programming languages!

To uncover a new ‘tale of #digiscixmas past’ each day, check our Xmas tree to discover what’s hidden in the baubles!

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