Registration for Shaking It Up is now open! Shaking It Up is a one-day workshop on the changing state of the research ecosystem. The event is jointly sponsored by Digital Science, MIT, Harvard and Microsoft and held at Microsoft’s New England R&D Center in Cambridge, MA on November 24th.

Powerful forces shape how research is done; funding mechanisms, government mandates, academic administration and technology (hardware and software) represent key spokes that support the revolutions of research cycles. New players in the form of start-ups, grassroots organizations and visionaries are shaking up how research is done.

  • How do these initiatives launch, grow and scale?
  • The flora and fauna of the research ecosystem include scholars, libraries, universities, funders, governments and companies: how are the rules of interaction changing?
  • What new dynamics and partnerships are emerging?
  • Where are the opportunities for breakthroughs?

The event will also be live-streamed so don’t worry if you’re unable to attend in person! The link for the live-stream is: