FEBRUARY 24, 2017, CAMBRIDGE, MA. Laboratory safety software company BioRAFT has released a solution that will help academic and research institutions reduce risks associated with students taking laboratory science courses. Students in academic teaching and research laboratories are at increased risk of accidents, and this puts not only student health at danger, but it puts the university and its faculty at financial and reputational risk. BioRAFT’s Academic Safety Training Package helps institutions drive safety preparedness among students and faculty, increase accountability and reduce the risk.

BioRAFT’s Academic Safety Training Package leverages current course enrollment information to match each student with appropriate safety training, then automated tools, dashboards, and reports ensure that students complete their training quickly and effectively. With these tools, institutions have a powerful system to ensure that each science student and the institution as a whole are prepared and protected.

“Laboratory risks and student safety training are something higher education has struggled with for years. Now our customers will be able to ensure the appropriate training that students, parents, and the public expect from our academic institutions. Additionally, a strong foundation in safety will serve these students beyond their academic lives, well into their professional careers.” – Pramilla Sundaresh, Vice President of Professional Services, BioRAFT

For nearly 15 years, BioRAFT has been developing tools to help organizations transform the way laboratory safety is taught and managed. The BioRAFT solution brings scientists and safety professionals together by reducing administrative burden, fostering communication, and closing gaps in safety programs.

“Increasingly we hear from provosts, presidents, and boards of trustees that the safety of students in laboratory classes is a major concern” says Jon Zibell, Vice President of Sales at BioRAFT. “The opportunity to make a difference for scientists is why I chose this career, and it’s exciting that BioRAFT is extending its expertise in laboratory safety to students, our future scientists.”

BioRAFT’s Academic Safety Training Package is already in use with customers and is available immediately. For more information and to register for a webinar on February 28, 2017, please visit: http://www.bioraft.com/academic-safety-training-package


BioRAFT is an innovative solution for enterprise laboratory safety, compliance, and training. Trusted by pharmaceutical, biotech, clinical, and academic organizations, BioRAFT streamlines and automates the training and compliance process while being easy for researchers to use, which reduces overhead and increases researcher productivity.


Charlie Wong

Vice President of Marketing