LONDON / PHILADELPHIA – 20 August 2012

SureChem, a patent chemistry product line of Digital Science, has released SureChemDirect, a new enterprise product enabling users to integrate chemical patent search and data into internal workflows and databases. The announcement was made in line with the American Chemical Society’s Fall Meeting, held in Philadephia, PA.

SureChemDirect offers API access to the complete collection of SureChem chemistry, patent full text and patent metadata,  currently comprising 12 million structures, 20 million full text records and 90 million patent abstracts. Chemical structures are indexed within 24 hours of patents being issued by US, European and WIPO patent authorities. SureChemDirect enables customers to incorporate chemical patent search into their workflows, perform batch searches, set up custom alerts and enhance their internal databases with relevant patent chemistry, among other applications.

“We developed SureChemDirect in response to customer requests for a direct, batch pipeline to patent chemistry data, without limitations on how they access or store the data. Responses to our pre-release demos have been great, so we are excited to now be releasing the production version” says Nicko Goncharoff, Head of Knowledge Discovery at Digital Science.


SureChemDirect continues the re-launch of the SureChem product line, offering significantly improved data coverage and a wide range of features and functionalities based on extensive customer feedback. SureChemDirect will be followed by SureChemPro – a fully-featured web app designed for frequent patent chemistry users. For more information on SureChem products, visit For evaluation and licensing enquiries, please contact