Product Labguru Large

A web-based lab management system, Labguru marries the electronic lab notebook with project and logistics management. It offers an easy means of tracking projects, protocols, biological collections, and materials, as well as streamlining communication between members of the lab.

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    • Set up your research projects, milestones, protocols and experiments.
    • Track progress whilst maintaining research context.
    • Manage your biological and molecular collections.
    • Take your work to the bench with a free iPad app.


The free iPad app enables users to plan and run multiple experiments at the bench, and sync results to their main Labguru account. With built-in timers, the app comes pre-loaded with numerous protocols from Sigma and Nature Protocols for easy access and referral. 

Researchers and labs can better track the various information sources and materials needed to carry out day-to-day research, saving time and money.