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Use our tools to study how research is funded, communicated, commercialised, and impacts the world

We are passionate about ensuring that the scientometrics community has access to the information it needs to develop open, transparent research indicators. We do our best to give back in the form of open data that the community can use to validate existing citation-based metrics and create new ones.  Researchers can use our range of tools to study how research is funded, communicated, commercialised, and impacts the world.

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We offer free access to Dimensions for non-commercial scientometric research projects.

  • Dimensions users can export data in bibliometric mapping formats, making it easy to use the data in popular tools like VOSviewer and CiteSpace.
  • Dimensions¬†API Lab and the Advanced Training series¬†provide open tools the community can use in their analyses.
  • Create your own visualisations to help tell stories by curating data into a form that is easier to understand. Dimensions brings your data to life.


We offer free access to Altmetric products and data to university researchers for academic research purposes.

  • Use Altmetric Explorer to collect and visualize data, in a few simple clicks.
  • The Details Page API and Altmetric database snapshot allows you to collect data at scale for use in advanced analyses and interactive visualizations.
  • Individual support for researchers is available from Altmetric data scientists.

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The Dimensions Scientometrics User Group brings together researchers from around the world that share a passion for the scholarly study of research productivity, impact, collaboration, and innovation.

The group considers how our tools can help to drive improvements in the fields of scientometrics, research management, and science policy.

How our tools are being used

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