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Digital Science Launches Workshop Reports

1st August 2014
By Guest Author
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Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our first Digital Science Workshop Report

If knowledge is power, research is the engine of power. Like inventors seeking to build ever-more efficient engines, Digital Science exists to support the flourishing of knowledge by building tools to streamline and optimize the hard work of research.

We cannot effectively serve our mission in isolation or under idealized, theoretical conditions. Rather, we bring many voices to bear on the top priorities of today’s dynamic research environment.

The Digital Science Workshop series represents a unique opportunity to partner with academic, private and public institutes as well as fellow commercial enterprises to achieve the greater common good of identifying inefficiencies and spotlighting best practices across all facets of the research landscape.

A key mechanism we employ in our workshops is to create panels of experts derived from diverse perspectives. For we know well that improved efficiencies in research extend beyond the researcher’s office or laboratory. Research is powerfully shaped by the scholarly publisher, the private and public research funding agency and the academic administrator as much as by principal investigators, postdoctoral scholars and graduate students — each a domain expert with valuable insights to share.

Our workshops are true partnerships with the practitioners we serve, and silo-breaking opportunities for communication, discussion and debate. Beyond the workshop, we seek to disseminate our findings to the wider world through the Digital Science Workshop reports, which we publish freely on the Digital Science website and openly (and citably) on Figshare.

We believe that better, more efficiently designed research support systems can truly increase the speed of progress. By freeing the brightest minds to tackle problems at the edge of knowledge, we all benefit.

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