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#OpenCon2014 Videos

27th November 2014
 | Katy Alexander

Open Con London 2014, which took place yesterday, was a great success and many congratulations to Overleaf and Sparrho for organising such an inspiring and informative programme of talks. The event was one of many international ‘satellite’ events of the bigger conference that took place in Washington. The main sessions were live-streamed on the day and so the recordings are now available to re-watch on YouTube.

Jon Tennant and Dr Ross Mounce kicked off the first session with an overview of the issues surrounding Open Data. Dr Eva Amsen followed them with a interesting look at how open peer review can be used as an educational resource for students and early career researchers.

Alan Hyndman from Figshare gave a quick introduction to Open Data funder mandates and the work that Figshare has done to help institutions with these policies.

Attendees were given an opportunity to discuss the talks given in the first session. This was then followed by brief introduction to both Overleaf and Sparrho. The next speaker was Professor Stephen Curry who gave a fantastic talk on Open Access, titled “Publishing and (Not) Perishing”. Next in the programme was Joe McArthur, co-founder of the Open Access Button, who spoke about his journey from interested in OA, to invested and then impactful.

Finally, wrapping up proceedings was Dr Peter Murray-Rust, who gave a stirring keynote speech on the injustices that the Open Access movement is fighting against, titled “Guidelines for Open Revolutionaries”.