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Editage Insights Interview with Dr. John Hammersley, Co-founder and CEO of Overleaf (Part 3)

26th May 2015
By Katy Alexander

John Hammersley, co-founder of Overleaf, was recently interviewed by Donald Samulack from Editage and the third part of his interview, How Overleaf helps authors from Asia and other non-English-speaking countries’, is now available to watch.

This third segment in the four-part interview examines how Overleaf supports journal templates in different languages, a feature that is particularly useful for users from non-English-speaking countries. Authors can choose templates in different languages, upload them to Overleaf, and work directly on them to produce pre-formatted, ready-to-submit manuscripts. John also provides some helpful tips for authors using non-English Overleaf templates.

Stay tuned for the final instalment!

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