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Sci Foo 2015: The Multiverse, Genetics, Workplace Equality, False Memories and More!

9th July 2015
By Katy Alexander

Sci Foo Camp, the invite-only technology and science “unconference” run by Digital Science, Google, Nature Publishing Group and O’Reilly Media, took place last month. Amongst the truly international mix of attendees there were a handful of Digital Science folk, including some real Sci Foo veterans and some total newbies. As you can see from the evidence below, a great time was had by all!

When asked to describe his favourite moments, Nicko Goncharoff, Head of Knowledge Discovery at Digital Science, had this to say:

“Listening to Alan Eustace describe setting the all-time record for highest parachute jump (135,000 ft); joining cosmologists (including Martin Rees) and astronomers and physicists to discuss proving/disproving the multiverse; watching biologists tangle over the viability of genetic longevity treatments; but perhaps best of all, attending a discussion on women in science and realising that rather than focus on whether pregnancy and motherhood should harm careers, we need to look at life-work balance as a whole, and strive for a society where it’s accepted that everyone needs breaks for illness, caring for others, maintaining sanity and yes, even parenting! And of course some of the best conversations over dinner and drinks one could hope for!”

Lisa Hulme, Communications VP at Digital Science, echoed this, saying,

“So many highlights, so many fascinating, smart and genuinely funny people! One session, run by Julia Shaw was all about false memory, cue lots of jokes from people all weekend, about if we’d even remember who we met or what went on there!”

We’re already super excited for Sci Foo 2016! You never know, if you’re really lucky you may get a golden ticket.


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