Nicko is responsible for the overall relationship between Digital Science and the publishing industry and other creators and providers of research content. In this role he oversees strategic customer and partner relationships with publishers and other key stakeholders in scholarly communication and research. Nicko also manages our publisher sales, marketing and thought leadership efforts, runs our EMEA institutional sales team and serves on the Digital Science management board.

Nicko came to Digital Science as a co­founder of SureChem, acquired by Macmillan in late 2009 and later successfully taken over by the European Bioinformatics Institute. Both SureChem, and Reel Two, a previous start­-up which Nicko also co­-founded, made extensive use of text mining, search and database technologies across large full-text scientific datasets.

Prior to becoming a software entrepreneur, Nicko worked in financial journalism and travel writing (the former helping fund the latter). His interests include Chinese language, hiking, bluegrass guitar, fine food and drink, and faster-­than-­light travel, along with the more accessible, earthbound variety.