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ÜberResearch Announces Dimensions for Publishers

14th October 2016
 | Katy Alexander

$1 trillion USD funding database provides STEM publishers with forward-looking business intelligence for understanding trends in research as they emerge, to plan for the future.

Data science company ÜberResearch, today unveiled its global grants database, Dimensions, for scholarly publishers – to enable them to understand new trends in research as they emerge, and compare the most up-to-date activity in research funding with ongoing publication trends.

Dimensions is the industry’s first searchable database of awarded research funding, including $1 trillion USD in global research funding from hundreds of funding organisations across the World, with more than three million funded projects. With hundreds of thousands of projects presently ongoing, or starting in 2017, it offers publishers a unique and forward-looking view into the global research landscape to support them in making informed, strategic business decisions based on current and future research activities. For example, the information can be used to support editorial, product development and sales plans, as well as to help find relevant thought leaders for conferences and events and potential reviewers for manuscripts.

The database offers easy to understand data visualisations as a core feature and can be used to compare activity in new research funding with publication trends. It provides up-to-date metrics, including the Relative Citation Ration (RCR) score. Customers who already license the Altmetric Explorer from ÜberResearch’s sister company, Altmetric, will also see the associated badged attention scores in the publication listings. Collectively, these metrics provide awareness to a range of activities.


Image 1: The Dimensions database presently includes over 3.38 million research projects from across the World, representing over 1 trillion USD in allocated research funding


Image 2: Dimensions can provide early indication of changes in research areas before they are seen in trends in publications coming later. In this case, funding including siRNA technology shows a distinct decrease over the last 7-8 years, a long time before this is evidenced in published papers.

Funding data and information from the database is already being used by the MIT Press, Wiley, Springer Nature and IOS Press to inform their business decisions and gain advantage.

Christian Herzog, CEO of ÜberResearch said: “Publishers feedback has been instrumental in the development of Dimensions for Publishers.  We’ve designed it to be an intuitive and effective tool which  delivers a wealth of information in order to ensure publishers are continually able to widen their audience and support for their publication.”

Amy Brand, Director, the MIT Press explained,

“ÜberResearch understand the business of publishing. Their Dimensions tool not only features unique data on global research, but also presents exceptional tools to sift through it, delivering publishers with actionable business intelligence. Any publisher using it will benefit from it tremendously.”