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Simon Porter and Andres Mori to Speak at Pidapalooza in Iceland

8th November 2016
 | Guest Author


Image Credit: Pidapalooza

During the 9th and 10th of November, Simon Porter and Andres Mori will be flying to Iceland to speak at PIDapalooza – the first open festival for scholarly research persistent identifiers. During the two-day event, creators and users of persistent identifiers (PIDs) will discuss and debate PIDs, and take part in workshops and demos.

Exploring the relationship between persistent identifiers and research information citizenship

Wednesday Plenary Session on the main stage at 16:30:

Simon will talk about concepts he recently tackled in his Digital Science White Paper: A New ‘Research Data Mechanics’. By attaching a persistent identifier to a representation of a person, organization or research object is to provide that representation a way to travel across research systems and organizational boundaries. The infrastructure required for this to happen is as much social as it is technical. The concept of research information citizenship unpacks the social elements of this infrastructure effectively and asks a key question – what are our obligations to the research data that we consume, create and communicate?

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Global Research Identifier Database (GRID)

Wednesday Stage 3: Esja II at 16:00  

The Global Research Identifier Database (GRID) is a free, manually curated database of organizations associated with research. Its main purpose is to assist in issues with disambiguation, integration and analysis of data relevant to organizations featured in the scientific process. Andres Mori is in charge of curating data at Digital Science and GRID and will be talking about the challenges in terms of data coverage, structure and quality presented by a persistent identifier database on a global scale. The benefits of offering various data formats for distribution will also be addressed, specifically in terms of API and open linked data (RDF).

Visit the PIDapalooza website for more information and follow @PIDapalooza for all the latest updates.

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