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Webinar: Finding Reviewers With Dimensions

4th July 2017
 | Katy Alexander



When selecting new reviewers and experts to assess the potential of funding applications, it can be difficult to gain a comprehensive understanding of the vast number of potential experts available. Often, you return to the same well of researchers that you’ve been using for years. When using ÜberResearch’s Dimensions for Funders, you can seamlessly navigate across millions of expert profiles that are precisely matched to applications allowing you to effectively identify new, qualified reviewers.

The Dimensions Reviewer Finder tool supports the review process through the ability to build committees, manage bulk assignments, find reviewers for niche areas, and screen for conflicts of interest.

In addition to finding reviewers, NIH, Nature publishing, and hundreds of organizations around the world also use Dimensions to identify experts for:

  • Applicants to target for RFAs/RFPs
  • Potential collaborators for their applicants and grantees
  • Conference speakers and panelists
  • Co-funding opportunities
  • New scientific advisory board members

The Finding Reviewers with Dimensions webinar will address these topics and is geared towards CSOs, VPs of research, program officers, and grant operations staff.