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Scientific Research in the Age of Artificial Intelligence – Webinar Recording

30th May 2018
By Katy Alexander

As part of our webinar series, on 24th May we broadcast a Digital Science thought leadership webinar discussing Scientific Research in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. Attendees were introduced to the basic tenets of AI and heard about practical examples of the technology in research, as well as the ethical implications all this brings.

Thought leaders speaking on the webinar:

  • Jeffrey Ng, Chief Scientist at Founders Factory
  • Doug Raymond, General Manager for Semantic Scholar, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
  • Anita Schjøll Brede, CEO and co-founder of Iris AI
  • Roman Gurinovich, CEO at Xpansa and Systems Architect at sci.AI
  • Steve Scott and Cameron Shepherd from Digital Science moderated the panel and hosted the webinar

We’ve split the webinar recording into bite-sized sections so you can choose to watch specific speakers:

Roman Gurinovich from sci.AI started with a brief overview of AI vs General intelligence and what unites them; explained principles of a perception as a basic computational unit based on a human’s neuron, and spoke about major types of learning. Also, there was an example of machine reasoning implementation based on sci.AI that infers biological pathways based on global research communication. Roman tweets @gurinovich

Jeffrey Ng is Chief Scientist at Founders Factory and brings experience as a serial technologist, start-up founder, venture due diligence and deep R&D strategist on Big Data, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, state-of-the-art Deep Learning and deployment of AI platforms at internet scale for Tier1 Silicon Valley companies. Jeff walked us through a group of innovative companies using different types of AI to achieve different results. Jeff tweets @jeffreynsk

Anita Schjøll Brede is CEO and co-founder of Iris AI. She is a serial entrepreneur, tech geek, and storyteller. Prior to co-founding Iris in 2015, Anita co-founded uLabs Ventures and became a board member at Venture Advisory Board. Anita talked about some of the problems researchers face with their current toolset and mentions how works with the researcher to streamline and better the process of knowledge discovery. Anita then gave an overview of Project Aiur – a tool Anita hopes will democratize science through blockchain-enabled disintermediation. Anita tweets @twitnitnit

Doug Raymond is the General Manager for Semantic Scholar, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. He previously served in product management and general management roles at Amazon and Google, and was a founder of two venture-backed startups. With the explosion of academic papers and data over the past half-century, it has become extremely important to evolve new methods managing all the information. Doug talked about Semantic Scholar and their efforts to survey the world’s academic information easily and efficiently. He also gave us a demo of Semantic Scholar.

The webinar ended with a lively Q&A debate spearheaded by Steve Scott; great questions invoked great responses! Using #DSwebinar, our audience was able to interact with our panel throwing their opinions into the mix. If you feel you still have something to say – we’re all ears! Tweet us @digitalsci using #DSwebinar.

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