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Anywhere Access: Find. Click. Read.

25th July 2018
 | Katy Alexander

At Digital Science, we’re problem solvers, and we know that fast, easy access to scholarly resources has been a thorny issue for researchers and the scholarly community for a long time. Our goal was to develop a solution that would not only be faster for researchers but also offer a sustainable path forward for libraries and publishers.

We knew that for this to be successful our solution had to check most, if not all of these boxes:

  • Be easier and faster to use than existing tools (official and unofficial channels)
  • Work everywhere researchers are looking for papers
  • Be consistent in delivering full text
  • Deliver a great reading experience
  • Provide key metrics for libraries and publishers.

Working closely with researchers, libraries, and publishers, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Anywhere Access, a next-generation library solution that offers the fastest way for researchers to access open access, subscription and on-demand content.

How it works:

Anywhere Access integrates with a library’s holdings and authenticates users through their familiar institutional Single Sign-on (SSO). Once authenticated, Anywhere Access displays ‘View PDF’ links across all entitled content for that institution’s students and research staff. In a single click, users can view (and download) the PDF along with supplements, article metrics and other article enhancements – right within the discovery site.

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A few things that make Anywhere Access (AA) unique:

  • AA covers not only Open Access, but also an institution’s subscription holdings and document delivery in one simple workflow.
  • AA is cloud-based, so it can be embedded directly into library discovery systems and third-party platforms as well as be accessible across the web through our browser extensions.
  • AA streams interactive PDF including supplemental data
  • AA is COUNTER-compliant, ensuring libraries and publishers receive the metrics they need to support collections and journal development activities

While Anywhere Access was designed to work wherever a researcher’s discovery path takes them, we can’t help but love the beautiful trifecta of Dimensions, Anywhere Access and ReadCube Papers. Together, they provide a seamless workflow for researchers from that first literature search all the way through to citing in their own manuscript!

Christian Herzog, CEO Dimensions said:

“Anywhere Access and Dimensions are a perfect match: a powerful discovery tool with 95m publications and 4 billion links, paired with the technology to get instant access to the full-text articles licensed by the own organisation – is the killer application everybody has been waiting for. Cross-publisher discovery and COUNTER compliant access brokering realised as a smart and almost invisible piece of infrastructure, allowing the user to lawfully access content on almost every location – a big thank you to the Readcube and Anywhere Access team for realising and integrating it into Dimensions!”

10 institutions have already signed on to Anywhere Access, including the University of Denver, California State University, Northridge and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Michael Levine-Clark, Dean of Libraries, University of Denver, said:

“The University of Denver became an early development partner on Anywhere Access because we wanted to make the process of accessing e-resources easier for our patrons. We hope to remove as much friction from the authentication process as possible so that the experience of accessing content – whether licensed, pay-per-view, or open – is as easy through library discovery tools as it is through rogue and pirate sites.”

To learn more about Anywhere Access, join one of our upcoming webinars: or try Anywhere Access on Open Access content within Dimensions.