At Digital Science, we like to try and build things that can have a real impact on the dissemination and discovery of research. Through our tools, we aim to make the work of scientific researchers around the world flow that little bit more smoothly.

Our latest creation is no different. Ladies and Gentleman; today we introduce the Altmetric widget generator!

Supported by Digital Science, Altmetric have made it their mission to track and collate mentions of scholarly work online. They monitor hundreds of sources and log over 15,000 mentions of scholarly papers each day. This data is then displayed via the colourful Altmetric donut that many may be familiar with from its implementation in various high profile journals.

With the new widget generator, we offer bloggers and website owners the opportunity to draw on the Altmetric data for themselves.

In a few simple steps (choose your preferred size, input a keyword or select a subject area, click ‘go’) an embed code is created which can then be easily transferred to any site.

The widget will pull in articles based on the keyword or subject area specified, and update regularly as new articles are published and begin to receive attention online. Users will have the choice of reading the article on the journal platform, or via the ReadCube interactive PDF viewer – and the clickable donut will appear next to the article title to show mentions. In the example below we have used the keyword “science communication.”

Screen Shot 2014 01 23 At 15.35.09

It’s a great way to help your readers discover new, relevant content – and it only takes a few minutes to make!

Click here to create yours.