Today, team Altmetric are excited to share news that they have started working on a project, partnering with news aggregator Moreover Technologies to provide further expanded mainstream media mentions tracking across the Altmetric database and tools.

Currently, Altmetric monitors a manually curated list of over 1,300 news outlets from around the world, searching for mentions of research outputs. This new partnership with Moreover will help them expand their coverage to over 80,000 news outlets – alongside their existing manually curated list.

Advanced and comprehensive reporting on the coverage academic research is receiving in the media.

They gather news mentions of research outputs from their manually curated outlets using a mixture of tracking HTML links and text-mining.

Building on this technology, Moreover’s daily feed of over 2 million news articles from over 100 countries will enable them to offer the most advanced and comprehensive reporting on the coverage that academic research is receiving in the media.




All news mentions will continue to be displayed on the ‘News’ tab of Altmetric details pages, along with a snippet of text from the article.

A unique mixture of manual and automated media tracking.

By displaying news mentions about scholarly content they hope to give authors, institutions, publishers, and funders a comprehensive picture of how a piece of academic work is being communicated to a broader audience – and to help them easily monitor, demonstrate and report on this attention.

We are excited to see how this progresses!