Large Tile 920x680One of our latest Catalyst Grant awardees, Writefull, today launched a new Chrome extension.  

Founded by Juan Castro (PhD in Artificial Intelligence) and Alberto Villar (MsC in Machine Learning), Writefull helps users write with more confidence by allowing them to check words and phrases against databases of correct language, such as Google Scholar and Google Books. Using Natural Language Processing to extract patterns in written language, they offer accurate grammar corrections and sentence replacements specific to academic writing.

Writing strong academic texts is challenging, particularly for non­-native speakers of English who make up the majority of researchers worldwide. A great deal of time can often be lost on editing and checking writing. Writefull, speeds up this process allowing researchers to work more efficiently.

Writefull can be used in a researcher’s own working environment, as it operates in any writing tool such as Overleaf, Microsoft Word and Gmail. Their new Chrome extension provides better support for countries like China, and institutions (such as, universities) that need to set a proxy to connect to the Internet.

Together with this Chrome extension they are publishing a new desktop version. In both the extension and the desktop version they have redesigned the UI with a new theme that makes it easier to digest frequency results. They have also added specialized input widgets that simplify composing queries for some commands like /compare and /translate.

Juan Castro says of the news:

“We are so pleased to launch a Chrome extension for Writefull today. Thanks to the Catalyst Grant, Writefull is now one click away from millions of devices running Google Chrome.”