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Preprints provide a way for scientists to get immediate feedback on their work from the community.

Today, preprint servers exist in a number of disciplines and in this podcast, we interviewed a group of individuals, each with a unique perspective on preprints and publishing, with the aim of understanding the benefits and the negatives of preprints and also to gain an understanding of what lies ahead in this space.


Richard Sever is the founder of BiorXiv and the assistant director of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Darla Henderson is the Assistant Director of Open Access Programs at the American Chemical Society Publications. She joined the ACS in 2008 after a decade with John Wiley & Sons.

Mark Hahnel is the founder and CEO of Figshare. He holds a PhD in stem cell biology from Imperial College London.

Dr Louisa Flintoft is the Chief Editor of Genome Biology at BioMed Central. Louisa did a PhD and Postdoc on developmental genetics, both in London, before moving into science publishing in 2002.

Jon Tennant completed his PhD at Imperial College London and is a paleontologist by training. He helped to cofound the PaleorXiv which started accepting submissions mid-August this year.

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