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What platform will the event use?

The whole event will be hosted online via the Crowdcast platform. You will need to register via Crowdcast here. You will receive one link to access the whole event and all sessions will be recorded and available to view afterwards, via the same link.

How can I register for the event?

You can register for free directly in Crowdcast by using this link. Once registered you will receive a confirmation email with a joining link, which is unique to you, so please do not share it. A reminder will be sent 10 minutes before the start of the event on the day. If you don’t receive an email or need any assistance with registration, please contact Sabia Morrison at

What technical requirements do I need to access the sessions

Crowdcast works best on Chrome, although other browsers also work fine. You can test your set-up here and might wish to read the Crowdcast Attendee Support before joining.

What is the format for the day?

Most sessions will last around 55 minutes and we will have regular breaks.

All attendees are automatically muted when joining, but you can use the ‘Say something nice‘ chat window to communicate with organisers or fellow delegates, as well as the ‘Ask a Question‘ tab if you have any questions for the speakers / panel (see below).

All sessions will be moderated by the Digital Science organisers.

Questions for the speaker during their talk: Please use the ‘Ask a Question’ tab within Crowdcast to post questions for our speakers.  There is a facility for the audience to up vote these, so our moderators can see which are the most popular questions and make these a priority for answering.

In some circumstances, we may invite you ‘up to the stage’ so you can ask your question in vision using your mic and webcam. 

If viewing a recording, you have the ability to view the questions and skip straight to the answer in the video without having to watch it all the way through.

Questions/comments for your fellow audience members: There is a live chat facility that can be used for introductions, general chit chat, posting relevant links and clapping after the talk ends. The chat is open and available to use well in advance of the event, so we encourage you to get the conversation started early!

Please remember to follow our Code of Conduct when participating in the chat.

What if I can’t attend live on the day?

All sessions that are broadcast on Crowdcast will be available as a recording afterwards. Simply register for the event and you will be able to use the link in your confirmation to access the recording.  We will also post all videos on the Digital Science YouTube channel

I still have questions

Please get in touch by contacting the organisers at

Code of Conduct

Please take a moment to read our Code of Conduct for this event.

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