Digital Science and Overleaf (part of the Digital Science portfolio) are delighted to be Silver Sponsors of the Big Data Challenge (BDC), which will take place from 22 – 31 May 2021, with the finale event held in mid-July.

This initiative is for undergraduate students and is an inquiry-driven experiential learning program that invites students to strengthen their problem-solving and critical thinking skills while gaining familiarity with the fundamentals of data science.  Prizes this year include an internship with JMIR, three publication prizes and the opportunity to win cash in categories such as the Overleaf Outstanding Science Communication Awards.

Overleaf will also be hosting a workshop that will introduce students to their LaTeX-based writing and collaboration platform (more details TBC).

How to take part:
This year’s BDC challenges undergraduate teams of students to tackle real-world public health and infodemics problems, offering mentorship from experts, data science workshops, and more.  If you want to take part, find out more here and make sure you register before 21 May 2021.