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European Summer School for Scientometrics (ESSS)

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19th September 2022 to 23rd September 2022
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The European Summer School for Scientometrics (ESSS) offers intensive training covering major aspects of quantitative analysis of science and technology and provides a sound overview of state-of-the-art scientometric indicators and methods.
Annually selected focus topics are addressed, combining standard knowledge with current trends.

Scientometric procedures are increasingly used to analyse developments and trends in science and technology also informing decision-making at different levels. Decisions to be taken often have severe implications. Consequently, data handling, indicator construction and interpretation require competent expert knowledge, which is currently only available to a limited extent for all stakeholders, not the least due to lacking training opportunities.

Dimensions are delighted to be sponsoring ESSS 2022. Participants in this year’s ESSS event will receive access to the Altmetric Explorer and Dimensions for the length of the Summer School.

Join Jürgen Wastl, Director of Academic Relations and Consultancy for Digital Science, for an introductory webinar going over the essentials of Altmetric and Dimensions, along with a presentation within the program.

Wednesday, September 21

11:00 – 12:30 CEST: Register here for the webinar

16.30 – 17.00 CEST: Dimensions – The Scientometric Superhighway

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