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26th International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators

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7th September 2022 to 9th September 2022
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The 2022 STI conference addresses the new issues and challenges that have appeared in Science, Technology and Innovation indicators. The conference will be the opportunity to showcase results from the intense work done in recent years on the way science, technology and innovation indicators are used in relating social actors to science and technology.

Altmetric and Dimensions are excited to be sponsoring the 2022 STI conference, and will be presenting several talks:

  • Wednesday 7th September – S13 – 11:30-12:45
    Title: Using Digital Science’s Dimensions database to track research with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
    Authors: Juergen Wastl, Briony Fane and Hélène Draux
  • Wednesday 7th September – S16 – 16:45-18:00
    Title: Questioning the coming age of multimodal research infrastructure
    Authors: Daniel Hook, Simon Porter and Christian Herzog
  • Friday 9th September – ST6 – 11:00-12:15
    Title: Generating large-scale network analyses of scientific landscapes in seconds using Dimensions on GoogleBigQuery
    Authors: Michele Pasin and Richard J. Abdill

They will also be showing several posters on Friday:

  • Title: Research in progress: Toward an ontology for scientific quality reporting indicators
    Authors: Cynthia Vitale, Leslie McInstosh and Daniel Hook
  • Title: Addicted to Attention
    Authors: Daniel Hook and Leslie McIntosh
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