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State of Open Data 2023

Join Figshare, Digital Science & Springer Nature for a two-part State of Open Data webinar series

Session 1

State of Open Data 2023: The Headlines

Date and Time: Thursday November 16th 2023 09:00 ET/14:00 GMT

Join us for a thirty-minute webinar to hear the key results from the 2023 State of Open Data survey.

Now in its eighth year, The State of Open Data is the longest running longitudinal survey on researchers’ attitudes towards open data and open science practices.

We will be talking through the 2023 survey results and whitepaper, sharing the key headlines and interesting differences in results across varying regions and demographics.

This session will give a high level, TL; DR (too long, didn’t read) summary of the key results of the 2023 survey, which had over 6000 respondents.

This is the first of a two-part series of State of Open Data Webinars from Figshare, Digital Science and Springer Nature, the second of which will be a panel debate; The State of Open Data 2023: In Conversation.

Session 2

State of Open Data 2023: In Conversation

Date and Time: Tuesday November 28th 2023 09:00 ET/14:00 GMT

Join us for this online panel discussion on the State of Open Data 2023.

In this follow up session we’ll be convening a panel of global experts to discuss the results of the 2023 survey in their different contexts.

Importantly, we’ll focus on what can be learned from the survey results, what change is needed and who can drive it forward.

We’ll take a look to the future and consider what the landscape of research data sharing could look like in years to come and share our thoughts and recommendations.

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