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Overleaf delivers code-free table editing in gamechanging upgrade

By Simon Linacre September 28, 2023

Users can now add and edit, as well as copy and paste tables in LaTeX without writing code

Thursday 28th September 2023

In a key development for fast-growing technology company Overleaf, it has launched a major new feature that will enable users to add and edit tables without writing code.  

demonstration of how to add tables into Overleaf
How to add tables into Overleaf

In addition, users will be able to simply copy and paste tables and formatted text from other sources directly into Overleaf’s Visual Editor without losing any of the formatting. The updates follow other recent upgrades to Visual Editor and a new toolbar in Code Editor, as well as the introduction of a new way to add figures to projects

These enhancements from Overleaf – part of Digital Science, a technology company serving stakeholders across the research ecosystem – will make it easier for beginners to access the power of LaTeX to create and edit complex and beautifully formatted documents, and enhance real-time collaboration between LaTeX experts and beginners. The upgrades to the Visual Editor open up the benefits of LaTeX to users in disciplines that traditionally do not use it, such as the life sciences.

In detail

For users, creating tables in their documents using Overleaf has never been easier. They can now:

  • Just click the ‘Insert table’ button in the toolbar, select the number of rows and columns needed, and a brand new table will appear
  • In Code Editor, see the table code generated, and in Visual Editor, see the table in full, and be able to edit it as well
  • Edit the table contents, add or remove columns and rows, add or remove borders, and merge or unmerge cells within a row, all in Visual Editor
  • Use Visual Editor to preview simple tables that have been written in Code Editor
  • Save time by pasting formatted tables and text into a project. For example, if you have content saved in other formats like Microsoft Office or Google Docs, users can now copy and paste it straight into Visual Editor without losing all the formatting.

A detailed rundown of all the features can be found in the documentation.


Lee Shalit, CEO of Overleaf, says: “We have delivered a number of major updates to Overleaf in 2023, but enabling users to add and edit tables, as well as paste them from other documents, is a real gamechanger.

“Users will see a big difference in the simplicity and ease with which they are able to introduce tables into their LaTeX documents. And the really exciting thing is we are not finished there – we have a number of other enhancements also coming through which will further enhance user experience.”

Early feedback from beta testers has been resoundingly positive, describing the new feature as “a lifesaver”, “Amazing!”, and “Best feature ever!”.

Other new developments for the Visual Editor function have meant users can now complete a multitude of tasks on documents without using LaTeX code. These include: 

  • Writing, formatting, and styling text
  • Inserting and editing figures
  • Inserting and editing tables
  • Pasting formatted content into Overleaf
  • Adding links, citations and references
  • Inserting math and symbols.

For more information on Overleaf, see their blog or contact the team below.

About Overleaf

Overleaf is the scientific and technical writing platform loved by over 14 million users worldwide for its powerful online LaTeX editor, thousands of ready-to-use templates, and seamless collaboration features. 

Part of Digital Science, and working in collaboration with international organisations and publishers, Overleaf is helping to make science and research faster, more accessible and more transparent by bringing the whole scientific writing process into one connected place in the cloud or on-premises— from idea, to writing, to review, to publication.

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